Ael Carbon

Why do dressing tables always seem to be made from scraps salvaged from old, dusty workshops, designed to fit into Hobbit or Leprechaun homes? They often end up forgotten in an abandoned room in the house, with their caricatured and minimalist designs, and their appearance from a distant past. We aim to restore the majesty to this piece of furniture, giving it a place of pride in contemporary furniture, and perhaps even a spot in your entranceway.

For our stainless steel hairdresser, we chose the term "carbon" as a reference to the composite material of carbon fibers in a graphite matrix, and in our design of a hairdresser, everyone should be able to use it, so we chose to add the neutral pronoun 'Ael', which can be interpreted in different ways and allows for adaptation to the diversity of users. Even a robot has the right to look beautiful.

With the Ael Carbon dressing table, touch up your makeup, conceal an unsightly blemish, blur a bruise from a bar fight, apply your day or night cream gently, restyle your untamed hair, practice for your next thrilling speech, dress up for Halloween, train for stare-downs, or play all the characters from the Commedia dell'arte. Sit down, admire yourself, become whoever you want to be!

With its sleek design featuring bold lines, enhanced by stainless steel and white leather, its two discreet drawers built into cloud-like legs, its large tabletop, and its matching horizontal mirror, our dressing table will become your daily haven of well-being.

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