Our concept
We take care of everything : from our meeting to your delivery.


We have the desire to create exceptional contemporary furniture while giving you the opportunity to imagine it according to your own aspirations. In addition to its function, the piece of furniture is transformed into a unique work of art that will wonderfully enhance your interior.

The Designer offers to either conceptualize the piece of furniture you want to create, or to create an original design for the piece you desire, or to choose an existing design on our website that has never been produced. A design can only be used for a single and unique production.

We also want to promote the value of artistic craftsmanship by entrusting our creations to talented, dynamic and motivated craftsmen with a pronounced artistic approach, and remunerating them fairly. We work with local artisans and businesses to minimize our ecological impact.

We use noble and high-quality materials for a high-end final appearance.

We aspire to create exceptional furniture pieces imbue with outstanding craftsmanship by taking the necessary time to bring them to fruition.

Discover the entire creation process by following the two key steps below.




You can contact us via your preferred channel: website, email, social media, telephone, to express your request. After this initial discovery of your needs, you will receive a 3D design realization contract with a previously arranged appointment date. The Designer may ask for additional information if needed.


The Designer visits your home to establish with you the profile of your piece of furniture, or pieces of furniture if applicable (see our approach). He discovers the environment in which the piece will be placed, take various useful measurements, take photos, and create an initial sketch mentioning shapes, dimensions, colors, uses, and other relevant information.


With the elements collected during your first appointment, the designer proposes an initial 3D design. During this stage of the process, a dialogue is established between you and the designer to reach an ideal balance between appearance and technique.



Once the design is approved, we consult our network of local artisans and businesses (see our approach) to submit to you the cost of realization, from which we have subtracted the 3D design cost, and inform you of the delivery time. After your agreement, we commit to its production.


We take care of the delivery and installation of your piece of furniture to its final location. Your piece is delivered with an authenticity certificate in the form of a leather booklet containing the INPI¹ deposit number and its unique Zanatta reference number, as well as the address of its digital design in a non-fungible token on the blockchain (NFT²) of which you are now the owner³. This system enables you to possess dual proof of authenticity by means of a QR code placed within your furniture, which links the two together.

Please consult all the terms and conditions in:

¹INPI: National Institute of Industrial Property. A self-financing public institution under the supervision of the Ministry responsible for Industrial Property, the INPI actively participates in the development and implementation of public policies in the field of intellectual property, support for innovation and business competitiveness, and in the fight against counterfeiting.

(Information collected from the INPI website)

²NFT: Non-Fungible Token is a valuable piece of data composed of a type of cryptographic token that represents an object (often digital) attached to a digital identity (linked to at least one owner). This data is stored and authenticated through a blockchain protocol, which thereby grants it its initial value. A non-fungible token is often presented as a title of ownership recorded in a public and decentralized digital registry. (Information collected from Wikipedia)

³If you do not have a cryptocurrency wallet, we will keep your NFT safe for you.

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