Groovy Efflorescence

Have you ever taken the time to closely observe dandelions? They go by many names, some of which aren't exactly complimentary. These flowers are so ubiquitous that we often overlook their presence. Yet these little wonders of nature, often disregarded, have surprisingly inspired another innovative creation.

By capturing the vibrant and effervescent architecture of this flower, the designer has stylized a central core akin to a heart disseminating its energy to an unusually geometric table and its matching chairs, bathed in a splash of tangy and dynamic colors.

This set revisits 60s furniture, adding a modern and daring touch to create a festive and welcoming atmosphere, with just the right dose of retro nostalgia! The yellow and orange will immediately stand out in a contemporary interior that dares to break the mold!

"Groovy Efflorescence" is the fusion between a common natural element and artistic influences combining past and present to create an unexpected set.

"Groove is in the heart," so why not in your dining room?

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