Mellitus Gentleman Business Suite

In the business world, standing out is not a choice but an imperative necessity that fits into a long-term growth marketing strategy. That's why we decided to create the «Mellitus Gentleman Business Suite», a set of furniture designed to transform your workspace into a bastion of professional prosperity.

Mellitus, «as sweet as honey» in Latin, is the idea of an iron hand in a velvet glove. Black for rigor, yellow for audacity, a subtle blend of momentum and restraint that encourages sobriety away from fleeting trends and passing fashions. It's tamed strength, suggested exaltation, those assets that we don't talk about but that we feel.

With its strict lines, assertive angles, reassuring curves, and delicate surfaces, this suite is not thought of as a simple arrangement of furniture. It is a meticulously crafted scenography where each element affirms your leadership position.

This suite offers a desk that challenges the déjà vu, a comfortable chair for adequate support, seats that invite exchange, a discreet coffee table for everyday accessories, a decorative geometric lamp, and a table and chairs essential for all meetings.

By choosing this furniture, become the influencer, the source of inspiration, the engine and the guide, and fully assume the breadth of your leadership.

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