Our Story
Who are we ? Why this brand ? Why this logo ?

Michaël BARBON BLANC - Designer / Co-Manager

"I couldn't find the furniture of my dreams, so I created it."

"Highly sensitive to touch, I incorporate softness, beauty, and fluidity into my creations."

Michaël BARBON BLANC is from the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, specifically the Beaujolais, in the midst of the Pierres Dorées. At the age of 49, a turning point in his life, he imagined this company to meet his needs for independence, reconnect with his imagination, and offer a personalized experience.

His background as a designer and building economist and his originality allow him to approach design differently.

Jean-Baptiste BARBON BLANC - Brand Manager / Co-manager

"As our partnership in life works very well, it became evident that we should be work partners as well."

"To develop a brand, it must be thought of in all its aspects: administrative, digital, marketing... I flourish in the diversity of these functions and this allows Michaël to focus on creation."

Jean-Baptiste BARBON BLANC is from the Burgundy region and settled with his husband in the Pierres Dorées. At 36, he decided to create the company jointly with him.

The management of the company has become a logical next step in a varied professional career for him.


The ZANATTA brand was created in 2022 by designer Michaël BARBON BLANC and his husband Jean-Baptiste BARBON BLANC. Deriving its name from the Italian grandmother of the designer from Veneto, it claims a commitment to noble, high-quality materials. It was created following the realization that there were many beautiful products on the market that did not appropriate the personality and needs of the buyer.

Like the pre-industrial era, we have the desire to put the needs of each person at the center of the design and to offer exceptional modern objects. Our approach is interested in your desires to offer you a customized project that suits your personality and we carry it out in collaboration with our local partners, businesses and artisans.

The company is ideally located in the heart of the Beaujolais Geopark, close to the metropolis of Lyon and benefits from the radiance of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.

The design of our products focuses on the association of your otherness to our characteristic universe as well as the sensation induced by textures, the refinement of lines, and the nobility of materials.

The realization is done harmoniously with kindness and conviviality, in respect of all the actors of the project."

The logo

The swan spreads its red wing under which it envelops your ideas, dreams and desires. It is the attribute, in Greek mythology, of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and of Apollo, god of the arts. This majestic bird is the mount of the Hindu god Brahma, god of creation. It also symbolizes elegance and nobility in the Far East. Finally, its totem is associated with grace and beauty in shamanism. All the values conveyed by these legends are shared by our brand and make the swan its ideal emblem.

The red of the wing adds passion to the realization.

The black outline brings the softness, refinement, elegance and strength of exceptional know-how.

The white ensures the ideal balance between beauty and experience for the creation of unique furniture."

A question ? An idea ? A desire ? A dream ?

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