Solar Nesting

Each of us composes the different gears of a common mechanism in which our interactions are interlocking, driven towards an inevitable entropy. The greatly enlarged mechanism of a clock as a material representation of a metaphysical reflection on existence creates a dynamic living room furniture, such is the ambition of Solar Imbrication.

This Steampunk-inspired set breaks the mold by incorporating an ultra-bright yellow fabric that will light up your living room. Definitely oriented towards facilitating exchange

between guests with its concentric design around a round coffee table, it is ideal for sharing teas and cocktails in a friendly atmosphere. Here, members of your book club are received, gentlemen gather, presentation meetings are organized, a slice of lemon pie is shared with children or a glass of wine with a partner is enjoyed.

Brass, stainless steel, glass, a satin touch, a dazzling visual, with Solar Imbrication, living room furniture can now boast of contemporary refinement.

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