Steel Mycelium

Steel Mycelium started as a walk, a discovery, and a picture. It is the story of taking the time to observe and appreciate nature, its secrets, and the unique and fleeting beauty it can produce. It is the hidden treasure for those who appreciate the subtle beauty of discreetness and the moments of life. Mycelium is both the underground vegetative structure of fungal filaments and a network that connects plants, trees, and mushrooms.

I was leisurely strolling in my small forest above the garden, taking in the calming colors of autumn, enjoying the sound of the dead leaves crunching beneath my feet and the unique scent of humus. This has been my place of rejuvenation, peace, and escape since I was young. During this contemplative walk, I stumbled upon a magnificent colony of mushrooms, which had grown due to the right combination of light, moisture, temperature, and soil. I watched them for a while and then I wanted to capture the moment. I lay down on the ground discreetly, as if not to disturb them, and took some photos with my phone.

When I got home, I showed the pictures to my husband, who also found them beautiful. We decided to enlarge one of them and hang it on the wall of our bedroom so we could admire it at bedtime.

I was so inspired by this encounter with nature that I wanted to incorporate it into a piece of furniture. My challenge was to recreate the mushroom caps in porcelain and arrange them into a unique lamp. To support the caps, like the stems support the caps of the mushrooms, I created curved steel and a marble base for balance. To fully enjoy the light, I needed a side table, like a pedestal for the lamp to stand on. Made of wood with a central glass section to represent the underground energy, the mycelium appears in steel curves surrounding the structure. To be able to use the light for reading, having a drink, or relaxing, I wanted a comfortable and elegant chair, with a mix of classic and modern styles, where the Steel Mycelium could continue to connect everything.

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